Replace or Repair.

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Replace or Repair?

A question of savings, comfort, and peace of mind.

Multiple factors  should be taken into consideration before making a decision whether you should repair the existing system you have or purchase a new one.

Independent of your final decision, we recommended that you ask the contractor visiting your home to provide you a cost analysis that compares the repair cost of your current system with the price to install a new system.

Here are some key points you should consider:Repair or Replace

  1. The cost of the repair versus a the price of a new system (installed).
  2. The age of the  equipment.
  3. Warranty expiration date of the current equipment.
  4. Past repair bills.
  5. Comfort needs that a new system can resolve.
  6. Time you expect to stay at your current home.
  7. Government rebates. Are there any incentives to replace your existing system to a more efficient one?
  8. Current offers by manufacturers and/or dealers.
  9. Projected energy savings.
  10. The dealers recommendation.

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It’s Hard to Stop a Trane

Our comprehensive product line includes high efficiency gas furnaces, central air conditioners, whole-house air filtration systems, Earth wise Geothermal and forced air heat pumps. New to our product line is the exclusive NEXIA platform that offers smart home automation.

Trane systems can fit every budget and achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency while handling Ontarios extreme weather conditions.

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